Are you tired of high electricity bills? Are you looking for a way to save money and reduce your carbon footprint? Look no further! With the new Net Metering 3.0 regulations about to start, now is the time to switch to solar energy.

By installing solar panels on your home or business, you can generate your own electricity and save money on your utility bills. Plus, you’ll be doing your part to help the environment by reducing your carbon footprint.

But that’s not all — with the new Net Metering 3.0 regulations, the credits you receive for any excess solar energy you generate and send back to the grid will soon be reduced. So the sooner you switch to solar, the more you



Verse 3:

The Lord has blessed us with this power from the sun

It’s time to use it wisely, and make the most out of none

So let’s come together, and make a change

Going solar is the way to go, it’s not just a phase

Verse 2:

I used to be a skeptic, didn’t think it could be true

But now I see the benefits, there’s nothing left to do

But to make the switch, and start saving cash

I’ll never have to worry about my energy stash


Can the real savior please rise up?

I’m tired of living in the dark, I need a change

I’m fed up with these power bills, they’re driving me insane

I’m looking for a new way to light up my life

A way to live sustainably, and free from all the strife



Patrick D.J. Williams

Solar Powered Energy Real Estate Specialist, Investor , Poet, I specialize in $1M+ & $3M+ properties. I write descriptions and provide marketing.